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GMA®.       Castles & Estates Digital Magazine        ad rates

 Exclusively to current GMA® certified members.
  1. If you refer One agent to the GMA® program you will be named in the C&E roster and for each agent you bring, receive $24 as a thank you referral.
  2. If you refer Five agents , you will receive ONE FREE full page for one of your listings in the next C&E digital magazine + your name in the roster
  3. If you refer Ten agents, you receive the above plus ONE more FREE page
  4. If you refer Twenty  agents, all of the above + Your personal Join me at EXP page and you will be a GMA™ Ambassador 
Once you have referred an agent, please send us an e-mail so we can put the name of the agent in your personal GMA account. Ad space will be available based on availability and readiness to provide the correct ad format.
The Personal digital issue is the greatest tool ever, to increase your personal business, in real estate listings and clients and also in finding new agents to join you at EXP.
                                                   GMA ® is exclusively offered to EXP agents at the moment.
One FULL page :  $ 49
Personal issue with 2 FULL pages Plus Join EXP page: $ 99
If you are not yet a GMA® certified agent, you need to register on the GMA site:
The yearly rate is: $ 240
Once registered you can gain FREE space or reduced rates.
As you will see based on the regular prices, offered to NON GMA® members the GMA rate for members is very interesting... Dont' miss it...
Rates for NON GMA:  
Full page: $ 289
Personal Issue with 2 full pages and Join EXP page: $ 339
( PS: That rate will allow you to become GMA® automatically)
If You are not an EXP agent you are also capable of buying ad space for your listings, and the rate is:
FULL Page: $ 349
Personal Issue One page : $ 549
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