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IA new way for our past members to reconnect. As you all know our real estate business is changing and we need to be proactive. I have always tried to be at the top of the evolving trends and this time I feel it is important, perhaps more than ever to work globally and not just in our sphere of comfort. All our clients, are searching for properties on their own,using the internet and real estate sites just as we do, but do they get the best service? do they understand all the numerous pitfalls that can be created when buying or selling a home? Their agent, by that I mean YOU, needs to be well educated and very open minded to Global economy.


For that reason,I personally have joined EXP Realty as I strongly believe that times have changed and we must follow the lead.

For all our past members wishing to reunite with old friends, past business relations, this is the best way to reconnect. On this site you will find a page with information, details on how to rework your real estate business globally..

The Global Marketing Agent training is offered exclusively to EXP agents at this time.

Please visit the GMA® web site to register: