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An exiting new year...2018

What's new for 2018 ? An absolutely amazing thing happened to me lately. I met some old friends, Susan and Gene Frederick, and my views on real estate were completely revamped... again!

It was like my first old days , dreaming of a new world of Agents capable of working together with their clients from about anywhere around the world. And there it was suddenly possible with a new brand of Real Estate. I am still amazed of the enormous possibilities are offered not just to me, but to all agents, and how this will definitively change the world of real estate for ever.

A little bit like Netflix applied to the old Brick and Mortar brokerage companies, when everyone understood that the old way of doing things was truly of the past.

Of course we will find agents who might not believe this is a change for the better, and they will continue doing what ever they were, or not, doing. But this time, the opportunity knocks at your door, and I strongly encourage you to at least open your door slightly and take the time to listen. The funny thing that I realized is that when seasoned agents are hearing this, they immediately see the opportunity. For once this is a way to be at the top, to reach the top and to finally own a part of the business.

My favorite dream for 2018 was to create my own brokerage firm, but then, realizing that it would be not just very costly but may be somewhat difficult , I realized that what I could do best was to invest my time and efforts and build my way into it. This is the perfect time, and I will aim at building my way in creating a unique opening for all my realtor friends. Not just the ones in the US or Canada, but in France and then in other countries in Europe. Let's dream BIG... together we can own it...

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