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2018, The real Global year for Real Estate

Great news...As I am always a step ahead of my own mind... I am not sure if that comes with age, wisdom or any of those two, I have joined a new branded Real Estate Company as I so strongly believe that the world is very small when it comes to Real Estate.

The French speaking countries are always left out, people may think it is too complicated to do real estate outside of the borders, and when it comes to France or Quebec, there is a slight delay. But not this time my friends, not this time.

Finally people are realizing that there is more to just English speaking countries, and that Europe does have some merit, as well as the beautiful province of Quebec does.

If you have never been to Montreal, do not hesitate, summer , spring and of course the Indian summer, but also winter and its amazing white scenery. I dream of snow , of large iced portions of the river, ice skating and drinking a hot cup of chocolate... Of course it is easy to say when I am strolling on the beach of Juan Les Pins, under a blue sky and a warm sunny afternoon...But that is what dreaming is, outside of the reality...

For a while I was a bit shy telling my friends and past I.R.E.S. Members that I moved to a different brokerage company, but then, overtime I mentioned it, my friends ask me if they could join. Of course, and by the way there is no greater achievement than moving out of your everyday routine... Believe me, as I retired last year... I am back...

Let's meet, let's talk about it... I have so much to brag about... You know me...But you also know that if I make such move , it is because I believe in it, and of the future it can bring.

Call me, e mail me, I am always happy to hear from you.


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