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Castles&Estates Digital Magazine

It's back!... By popular demand, and with great new features.

We have been working on enhancing the presentation and making it available to showcase listings. All the properties listed on the magazine are now available for our Members to market and promote to their clients. Each property has its own specific fees allowing promoting agents to offer the property on their own MLS and offer a buyer's agent fee .

For the potential buyer... just choose the GMA® certified Agent that is the closest to where you live. That way you know you will receive the best service, and will be able to connect with that agent regardless of the time zone where the property is located. There is nothing better for a Buyer, to feel that his Agent is local to where he lives. The original listing agent has given to the GMA® Agent all the necessary information to make sure the future Buyer is receiving the best service. Real Estate agents are service oriented, their duties are to help the Buyer or the Seller and provide information with integrity. All GMA® Agents have received a special training and a certification proving of their education in Global Marketing.

I am very proud of the GMA® Agents , they are indeed the best educated Agents and they truly understand that today's Real Estate is Global... not just Local.

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