"Today, sophisticated buyers and sellers from around the world are looking for Global agents, not just Local agents. Knowledge about the Global Real Estate Market is of the utmost importance."

The I.R.E.S. Certification has been upgraded to GMA™.

GMA™ has created a new program which certifies agents to use all the agreements they will need to share, market, and advertise listings on the global market place and any global networking platform should encourage their members to become GMA certified agents.

Audree Mevellec, I.R.E.S.
President and CEO, IMSCE, llc
Publisher, Castles & Estates Magazine

Incredible Home!
Mesa, Arizona

Estate, French Riviera
Le Rouret,

Ti-Case Creole

Medina Palms

The Preserve

Deanna Storms
Bentonville,  Arkansas, 
United States
Rachelle  Rader
Houston,  Texas, 
United States
Luz Beyer
San Antonio,  Texas, 
United States
Nancy Lidbetter
Oak Brook,  Illinois, 
United States
Tim Johnson
Clearwater,  Florida, 
United States
Sharon Snow
Orlando,  Florida, 
United States
Bill Jackson
Coppell,  Texas, 
United States
Tina Mak
Vancouver,  British Columbia, 
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